There are different varieties of wine available in different classifications and we will have a look at them below:

  • Dessert wines: These are sweet wines which are generally fortified.
  • Sparkling wines: These are wine varieties that contain carbon dioxide that makes them bubbly just like champagne.
  • Aperitif wines: Spiced or herb wines that are served before having meals.
  • Pop wines: These are sweet fruity wines much affordable than the other wine varieties.
  • Table wines: They are low-quality wines. Wine categorization is carried out by:
  • Vintage

Wine vintage refers to the year when the grapes were harvested and it should not be taken as the year when the wine was packaged   Non Vintage

Non vintage wines are the wines manufactured from grapes that come with varied vintages   Type

There are many countries that classify their wines as per the grape type used for making it. Pinot Noir and Merlot are the wines that are classified as per the different types of grapes used for making them.

Taste  Wine categorization is also done by taste. There are dry wines and then there are sweet and fruity wines as well. Wines are also categorized according to the specific flavors that they contain.   Vinification

Te procedure of making wine is called vilification. Good examples of categorization by vinification procedure include blush, rose and sparkling wines. A good example of sparkling wine is champagne. Sparkling wines are the wines that contain good amount of carbon dioxide.